The Story

The Story

A bullied high school student is suddenly befriended by his chief tormentor and together they face challenges that will change their lives forever.

Tommy, a shy, bullied high school chef reluctantly enters a TV cooking contest to save his Grandmother’s business from demolition – only to discover he’ll be working side-by-side with Matt, the school jock who has been bullying him for the last three years, and now suddenly wants to befriend him.

While Tommy is suspicious of Matt’s motives, he receives encouragement from his Gran to accept the friendship, and words of caution about Matt from Sarah – the new girl in town, whom Tommy likes.

In the meantime, Matt pulls out all the stops to make Tommy believe he’s sincere, as he masks his two hidden agendas – one fueled by his greedy older brother Kyle, and the other motivated by wanting to get revenge, after being punished when he’s caught on a school security camera, as he’s bullying Tommy.

As their phony friendship progresses however, it suddenly starts to become real for both guys – which creates further complications for Matt, Tommy, Sarah, Gran, Kyle… and everyone around them.